Quick Tease Of A New SUPER Stud

Happy New Year everyone!

Enjoy a quick glimpse of a new superstar on his way to the GayHoopla front lines.

Excited for this one?

I know we are😛

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-DTT (@DocTayTay)

There Is Plenty Of Summer Lovin’ Still A Comin’

New Guy Tease

Remember my last post? Well let’s keep the tease going…

This bottom boy is a bonafide size queen that said “love” wasn’t enough to describe his infatuation for MONSTER cock. The bigger the better for this Texas otter (or is he more twink?) You decide. 😉

Would you fill up that bubble butt right? Comment below YES or NO.

Super Hot Scene To Come

Hang on tight for cuteness and chemistry overload! These two are ELECTRIFYING!

Gosh I hope I didn’t give this one away!! 😱🤫

Any guesses? Comment below!

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Have an AWESOME week!


DocTayTay is Taking Over, BTS, and February Hardcore 1st Timers!

*Cricket… Cricket…*

Is anyone there?! LOL!

It’s certainly been a while since an update… but have no fear… DocTayTay is here to give you what you WANT & NEED baby!!

If you don’t know me yet… Allow me to introduce myself!

I go by Taylor but “DocTayTay” is a nickname/stage-name I also go by. I have 10+ years of experience in the adult industry and have been a Production Assistant for GayHoopla.com since the turn of 2018!

I am responsible for a variety of things…This blog and HotGuysFuck.com (located here: blog.hotguysfuck.com) are two!

Another being the Snapchat and Instagram pages for GayHoopla.com!

I am with the models from start to finish during production time which allows me to capture all kinds of hot/fun/cool behind the scenes (BTS) footage!

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Besides just posting about HOT GUYS and what they are up to (I know some of you want only that! hehe) I will also be posting about new releases, upcoming scenes, news, and more from GayHoopla.com as well!

Hang with me, and I will make SURE you stay “in-the-know” 😉

I made this little highlight reel (Had to break it up in to three parts) to show you a few examples of some recent BTS content I got from some of the last shoots!



Some RED HOT News!


Friday’s at GayHoopla.com have been SO damn HOTTT lately!

**Price Hogan’s FIRST Guy/Guy Gay Sex Debut with James Manziel came out last Friday, February 16th

**Ryan Judd’s FIRST Guy/Guy Gay Sex Debut with Collin Simpson came out TODAY, February 23rd! Make sure you head to GayHoopla.com NOW and check it out if you haven’t already! 

**Ethan Manor’s FIRST time debut with James Manziel comes out on Friday, March 2nd!!

Seeing a trend here in February at GayHoopla.com? Looks like it’s plump FULL of FIRSTS!

And to think… we’re just getting warmed up baby 😉

Stay Tuned…