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One thing that is certain…ย Today’s Update is a SHOW STOPPER!

Buck is a BIG ol’ boy… Can Trevor handle the PUNISHMENT from this Manly Bear?!

That answer is easy… CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!


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Buck Gets Fucked

That time is ALMOST here, GayHoopla Fans…

We first met Buck Carter in a very hot solo where he spent a lot of time joking around and flexing but he also mentioned that he’d done a couple hardcore scenes already. And now we finally get to see Buck get his ass fucked by Julian “Couldn’t ask for a cuter guy” Rodruigez.

Buck says “we’re going from zero to a hundred.” And yeah.. we are.

Buck has that “I can’t believe I’m doing this” look that men get when shooting their first hardcore scenes… and then that look goes to a bit of pain from that dick up his hole… and THEN it goes to “WOW I LOVE THIS.”

When Julian pulls out, Buck starts yelling “BACK IN THERE!! STICK IT BACK IN THERE.” OH yeah… he loves it.

The scene goes live Black Friday. Click Here to join GayHoopla for as little as $9.99 Per Month.

Buck Carter Shaving…

This is a very short but sweet clip of Buck Carter telling us where that scar on his head comes from and a few tips for getting a body like his (hint: it’s a lot of work).

Buck showed up to shoot a few more scenes with a beard… that had to come off…so Derek Jones grabbed his camera and asked him a few questions.

You can see his solo video soon and if you wanna see him get into some action, his hardcore debut with Julian Rodruigez is released November 24th.

Buck Carter, sleeping beauty

I have no idea why Derek Jones decided to shoot this video, but I find the snoring to be so cute there are no words. You can check out Buck showing off his incredible body and jerking his cock at GayHoopla Now… you’ll see him hooking up with Derek soon.

His Name Is Buck. He’s Here To Fuck.

Won’t be long, now… Buck Carter’s solo debuts on GayHoopla on Monday.

But in that solo, he kinda gives away the secret. He’s already shot a few hardcore scenes (including one with Derek Jones who shot the solo) and wants to do more.

He tastes his own cum on a dare and then tells us that the men from GayHoopla need to send him “some ass shots. Hottest one can come down and top me.”