Derek Jones & Michael Santos Kick Off The Holidays With A BANG!

🎅🏼HO HO HO!🎅🏼

Derek Jones & Michael Santos are celebrating the GIVING season right!

These two hunks have a raw, passionate fuck by the Christmas tree, lights, and tinsel in a serene log cabin. Does it get much better than that?

Grab a chair and your favorite holiday treat. The trailer is up and that alone shows that this scene has the potential to be the…

HOTTEST flip-fuck scene of 2018!

Hey, ya save the best for last, right folks? 🔥

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Now the big question… Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE this year?? 😈

Ready for a TEASE?

I can’t tell you much…

However, I can tell you that you will be seeing the SUPERSTAR  in the picture below in the next update!

But he is soooo small! Who is it?

And who will his co-star be?? So many unanswered questions!

Any guesses?

I know one thing for sure… That GayHoopla sun is shining BRIGHT on whoever it is! 😉

Stay tuned to find out!

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More New Guys On Their Way…

🔥Hot Summer = Hot GUYS🔥

Who’s excited for this?

Stay tuned to find out more.

Don’t worry, Collin Simpson is EXXXCELLENT at taking care of new guys 😉

Derek Jones & Forrest Marks

Wow, did you know we haven’t seen Forrest Marks since July 31st, 2017? Better late than never Forrest!

We can’t get enough of Dirty Derek Jones. Serve him up any/every way possible.

Can’t wait for you guys to see this “Power Bottom” in action again 🍑

More exclusive leaks and news to come! You heard it here, FIRST 🌎

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Next update: 06/26/2018


Bradley Gets Balled.

We told you it was going to happen…we even gave you a sneak peek and the anticipation was huge… and we finally get to see Bradley Whitman kiss his first guy, suck his first dick, fuck his first ass and get fucked for the first time. And make no mistake… that’s the face of a first-timer.

And we have Mr. Dirty D himself, Derek Jones to thank for it.

At the end of Bradley’s solo, we were given a sneak peek at the two men getting ready and now… here it is.

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Buck Carter Shaving…

This is a very short but sweet clip of Buck Carter telling us where that scar on his head comes from and a few tips for getting a body like his (hint: it’s a lot of work).

Buck showed up to shoot a few more scenes with a beard… that had to come off…so Derek Jones grabbed his camera and asked him a few questions.

You can see his solo video soon and if you wanna see him get into some action, his hardcore debut with Julian Rodruigez is released November 24th.

The Hottest Part of Bradley Whitman’s Solo isn’t actually Bradley Whitman’s Solo

Coming Monday, Gay Hoopla will introduce our new hottie Bradley Whitman. He’s long, he’s lean, he’s got a BIG dick that he hasn’t measured but we’re guessing is in the 8 to 8½” range. He’s so handsome that the solo is enough to get us all off.

BUT.. at the end of the solo, there’s a bit of a bonus scene where Derek Jones (GayHoopla Star and new videographer) walks into the bathroom where Bradley is sitting on the floor… There’s a butt plug on the counter and a buttplug up his ass.

The story that emerges is that Derek caught a glimpse of Bradley’s body and dick and decided he wanted some for himself.. and talked him into doing a hardcore scene. Not ONLY a hardcore scene.. but Bradley is going to bottom.

We get a bit of a look at him stretching out his asshole in preparation to get fucked (he’s nervous but thinks it’s gonna be “fun). And THEN… the scene switches a bit. Seems that Bradley decided that if Derek was gonna get his ass.. HE wanted DEREK’s ass… so Derek, always the good sport… grabs the BIG buttplug and stretches himself out because he’s about to get fucked by a REALLY big dick.

Watch for that scene November 17th.

But if you wanna see Derek in action now (or Bradley’s Solo so you can see this interaction yourself),  Click Here to join for $9.99

Buck Carter, what a beauty

I have no idea why Derek Jones decided to shoot this video, but I find the snoring to be so cute there are no words. You can check out Buck showing off his incredible body and jerking his cock at GayHoopla Now… you’ll see him hooking up with Derek soon.

His Name Is Buck. He’s Here To Fuck.

Won’t be long, now… Buck Carter’s solo debuts on GayHoopla on Monday.

But in that solo, he kinda gives away the secret. He’s already shot a few hardcore scenes (including one with Derek Jones who shot the solo) and wants to do more.

He tastes his own cum on a dare and then tells us that the men from GayHoopla need to send him “some ass shots. Hottest one can come down and top me.”

New Jocks Fucking At GayHoopla

We were so happy when Jimmy Coble asked us if he could get in on some hardcore action. We immediately flew him out, and set him up with an aggressive dirty top, Derek Jones.

Jimmy Coble was slightly nervous about trying cock for the first time, but Derek Jones made him feel much more at ease. I didn’t know what to expect because Jimmy said he’s never put anything into his ass before, but was confident he’d be fine. Normally when guys say that, I think they’re lying, but I was curious to see how things would go. To my great surprise, Derek Jones fucked the shit out of Jimmy. Jimmy loved it more with every stroke and could barely breath at times. Jimmy was so turned on, he actually busted a huge nut while getting fucked on his side. We welcome Jimmy Coble to the team and hope to see plenty more from this sexy beast.


Michael Santos’ smile brightens up the entire room. I personally loved this guy. Great energy, attitude, and total sex machine.

He’s built from the bottom up with tree-trunk legs. He’s Latin and screams passion the moment you meet him. He’s quite fierce and engaging. We know he’s going to be a hit… wait until you see his scene with Collin Simpson. OMG!

Sean Holmes is back to stick his long dick in the power bottom, James Manziel. I love watching both of these guys fuck because they clearly fuck often in their personal lives. Both Sean Holmes & James Manziel know what the hell they’re doing.

It’s been fun watching James Manziel love bottoming more and more. He’s become very good at it and now prefers something in his ass when he’s trying to cum on or off set. Sean Holmes is an animal in the bedroom and fucks until he’s pouring sweat and shaking. Both of these guys put on an incredible scene and I almost want to pair them together again. I wonder if Sean Holmes will ever flipfuck… a boy can only wish. HOT SCENE!


Nick Harper takes some free time in between his weekend to yank one out.

Nick Harper’s big cock loves the attention he gives it. Watch Nick Harper shake, rattle, and roll when he busts his nut.

Michael Santos was an unexpected superstar. This amazing sexy jock gave Collin Simpson a run for his money. I love so many things about this scene. I actually tweeted that this was the strongest opening I believe I’ve ever shot, period.

Michael Santos was able to over power Collin Simpson and make him his little bitch. It was scorching hot to see Collin so submissive to such a passionate & aggressive top. Michael Santos ate that ass and sucked that cock like we were giving out prize money. We knew when it was time for Michael to slide that cock into Collin’s perfect ass, it was game over. This may be up there with one of Gayhoopla’s best scenes ever. This video is worth a membership alone.


Nick Harper Makes His Hardcore Debut And More.

We love Nick Harper’s demeanor and attitude… he’s also super hot with a huge dick. Nick Harper makes his hardcore debut with Collin Simpson’s asshole in an impressive first shoot.

I remember Nick Harper being super nervous about all this. If I recall correctly, he’s kissed a guy once, but nothing further. He’s always thought about doing more with a guy, but never been in the situation to do anything about it… until we got a hold of him. Nick ending up loving the camera and working with Collin who made him feel comfortable. We had to stop a few times because Collin couldn’t handle the girth and shape of Nick’s big cock. This video was definitely hot filming and the guys did a fantastic job.

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Big dick skinny skater twink Jesse Webster is back to jerk from home.

I can’t get over home shoots. I love them even though production value as far as quality is below par… it’s still just so hot. See this pizza delivery boy jerk!

Derek Jones & James Manziel have an amazing fuck sesh. I actually am releasing this video first of two. They actually flip fucked the prior day for an organized shoot. This is basically what happened… these guys both went to the club at night before this mornings shoot and came back empty handed. I offered them another shoot because they were talking about their failed night in the kitchen naked, and it was a hot sight.

I decided to release this video first because I personally enjoyed it more, although they’re both really amazingly sexy. James Manziel takes cock like a world champion and enjoy its too. With Derek Jones as a dominate top, it makes for a total hot shoot. This shoot gets 5 stars for sure!

Can’t wait for you all to meet Jimmy Coble.

Jimmy Coble was quite and sweet. He didn’t say much but was more of a listener until you got him to open up. The shy guys are so mysterious to me because you have no idea what they’re thinking. Jimmy Coble had an amazing body and an open mind once we started talking. We working on him… stay tuned.

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Two passionate lovers makes for a great video. Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks fuck so intimately.

I love how both these guys really enjoy what they’re doing. Forrest Marks is always great to work with because he can suck a mean dick, eat an amazing ass, and gets fucked like it’s his hobby. Zach Douglas loves to talk dirty, and dick you down with his nice thick cock. Another video that I loved filming and worth watching. Also turns me on knowing Forrest Marks swallows every load possible.

Adam Bosco does some hotel jerking.

We ended up kicking Adam Bosco off set for his fiasco, and he returned us a camera with 3 cumshots. I must say, he shoots for the stars.

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