Buck Gets Fucked

That time is ALMOST here, GayHoopla Fans…

We first met Buck Carter in a very hot solo where he spent a lot of time joking around and flexing but he also mentioned that he’d done a couple hardcore scenes already. And now we finally get to see Buck get his ass fucked by Julian “Couldn’t ask for a cuter guy” Rodruigez.

Buck says “we’re going from zero to a hundred.” And yeah.. we are.

Buck has that “I can’t believe I’m doing this” look that men get when shooting their first hardcore scenes… and then that look goes to a bit of pain from that dick up his hole… and THEN it goes to “WOW I LOVE THIS.”

When Julian pulls out, Buck starts yelling “BACK IN THERE!! STICK IT BACK IN THERE.” OH yeah… he loves it.

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Bradley Gets Balled.

We told you it was going to happen…we even gave you a sneak peek and the anticipation was huge… and we finally get to see Bradley Whitman kiss his first guy, suck his first dick, fuck his first ass and get fucked for the first time. And make no mistake… that’s the face of a first-timer.

And we have Mr. Dirty D himself, Derek Jones to thank for it.

At the end of Bradley’s solo, we were given a sneak peek at the two men getting ready and now… here it is.

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The Hottest Part of Bradley Whitman’s Solo isn’t actually Bradley Whitman’s Solo

Coming Monday, Gay Hoopla will introduce our new hottie Bradley Whitman. He’s long, he’s lean, he’s got a BIG dick that he hasn’t measured but we’re guessing is in the 8 to 8½” range. He’s so handsome that the solo is enough to get us all off.

BUT.. at the end of the solo, there’s a bit of a bonus scene where Derek Jones (GayHoopla Star and new videographer) walks into the bathroom where Bradley is sitting on the floor… There’s a butt plug on the counter and a buttplug up his ass.

The story that emerges is that Derek caught a glimpse of Bradley’s body and dick and decided he wanted some for himself.. and talked him into doing a hardcore scene. Not ONLY a hardcore scene.. but Bradley is going to bottom.

We get a bit of a look at him stretching out his asshole in preparation to get fucked (he’s nervous but thinks it’s gonna be “fun). And THEN… the scene switches a bit. Seems that Bradley decided that if Derek was gonna get his ass.. HE wanted DEREK’s ass… so Derek, always the good sport… grabs the BIG buttplug and stretches himself out because he’s about to get fucked by a REALLY big dick.

Watch for that scene November 17th.

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