Into Bad Boys? Here Comes ANOTHER New Guy…

Hey all!

I hope you had a fantastic week and have an ever BETTER Labor Day Weekend!

We have a-lot of exciting news to talk about! 

First off, I’m assuming all of you have already caught a glimpse at our new MEGA STUD, Peter Grom.

Enjoy some EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes content I have of this stud. Perhaps more to come 😉

If you haven’t seen Peter yet, you are certainly missing out. CLICK HERE to check out a FREE preview of his solo that comes out on 09/03/18.

Next order of business…

Rico Vega has his first gay sexual experience with Dylan Cover!

Rico “Suave” Vega is a total sweet heart. But so is Dylan Cover… what a surprise!

These two made friends very quickly and since Dylan already had some guy/guy experience, he was able to talk to Rico about it which really opened Rico up to the idea of experimenting!

Hey, you are only young once, right?!

I feel that Peter Grom’s debut may have stolen some of the thunder from Rico’s first time… understandably so!

But don’t overlook this hot pair!

I have a feeling that it won’t be Rico’s only scene either…

After all… he did admit to me off camera that it was really enjoyable for him!

Good for you Rico! Way to be open minded and open to new experiences! 👏🏼

Full scene with these two buds drops on 09/07/18. CLICK HERE to check out a FREE preview!

Last, but certainly not least…

You probably want to know more about this new UNCUT guy, huh? Of course you do 😉

Well… I will tell you this… he is a bad boy.

This fighter is tatted up and tough on the outside. Is he a softy at the core though? Only time will tell…

I do know one thing for sure… He was ok sharing a hot jerk off (or 2… or more) with you 😉

Stand by for the reveal of this guy… it’s coming soon!

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Eric Cantor Is BACK To Tease You Some More!

Hey Everyone!

Mmmm… You smell that in the air?! Ahhh yes… that is the smell of EXCELLENCE that is about to rain down on us ALL this glorious week!

Let’s get the positive vibes going early and I have NO DOUBT that any of us will be frowning once Friday rolls around… ?

To get this week started right, check out UNCUT Eric Cantor‘s Solo in Today’s update!

This 20 year old STUD shows you how he handles business when he is horny, and alone in his hotel room. (Click any pics below to be redirected to the scene!)

The guy is sexy, no doubt… but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room here… HOW ABOUT THAT CUMSHOT?!

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I’m here if you need me 🙂


?Easy Like Sunday Mornnnnninggggg? Logo, Eric Cantor, Input Request, And More!

Hey Everyone!

Damn I love Sundays! Who’s with me??

Listening to some musica and getting my creative juices flowing are just a couple things I like to do on lovely Sundays such as this!

Experimenting with new photo editing software today. What do ya think of what I came up with?? ☺


Tomorrow’s update features a sexy, self-shot, J/O by the handsome, UNCUT Eric Cantor!


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That’s cheaper than your Netflix! and A LOT more fun 😉

Also, I’m curious if there is any input for recommendations/suggestions on how we can make solo scene’s with our awesome guys more appealing.

If you have any positive input, I would love to hear it!

Comment below or email me ( with your ideas and I will try and implement some of them for our upcoming shoot!!

I do have a few ideas of my own… For example… Very real, genuine, BTS footage to try and give you, the viewer, an inside look at the life of this REAL, handsome young man and get to learn who he really is!! Let’s get personal!

My goal is to take a simple jerk off solo scene and create something sensual, intriguing, and entertaining! Something to keep you on your toes, wanting to watch all the way through, keep you thinking, “What’s next” … Stuff like that ?

I LOVE feedback! Let’s help each other INNOVATE, CREATE, AND PERFECT!

Have a great week! I’ll be here ?


It’s Been A HOT Week… But We’re JUST Getting Warmed Up…

Greetings Earthlings!

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL weekend thus far!

Looking back at this past week leaving me like… DAMN!

And to think… This list doesn’t even include Ethan Manor’s First Time which comes out Friday, March 2nd! Now is the BEST time to join in on the action!







Check out this HILARIOUS Paul Tiller BTS video of him telling the story about how one time when he was in town to shoot, his final night here he took all of his new shoot money, hit the bar/club… and… well you will have to watch to FIND OUT! LOL!

Now, Let’s prepare for Sexy, Uncut, Eric Cantor for Monday’s update!

See you Mañana for an “Easy Like Sunday Morning” special!



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