🎥ANOTHER New Model & ANOTHER Anal Cherry To Pop🍒

Happy belated Father’s Day!

Remember, no matter what kind of relationship you have with you pops, you only have ONE! Give your Daddio some love! And if Dad isn’t with us anymore, may he rest in peace and know that he is looking down on you with love!

Ok, now enough about Dad… We are here to talk about PORN! Lol!

🚨New Model to Watch For🚨

If you haven’t spotted this stud already, allow me to introduce to you our HOTTEST new model, Dane Dublin!

His solo debut is scheduled to come out a week from today on Monday, June 25th! This guy has SuperStar written all over him! Don’t miss out on this guy!

🍑More Anal Virgins Need Their Cherries Popped🍒

But who is going to be the one doing the popping?!

Oh, I have a few ideas… 😉

Perhaps you have even caught a hint about the last scene update of June just from looking around GayHoopla.com… Boy do we end the month with a BANG!

Going to be hard to set the bar any higher than this… but you know, we always will 🤤

Now, about that hint…

Oh who is this we see? Josh Farve eh! Hmmm… Why do you look so sad? Because you had a taste of anal and now you just want MORE?! 😏

Oh yes, that’s better! I knew you would be happy after what went down this visit hehe

Have a safe flight home Josh! Until next time!

Look forward to seeing ALOT more of this fresh, handsome, 18-year-old jock. He is very open sexually and is eager to show you all everything along the way!

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Popular Teen Bodybuilder Price Hogan FINALLY Loses His Anal Virginity To Collin Simpson

Hey Everyone!

I hope your weekend is in full swing and going great!

If you need a little help, and haven’t checked out GayHoopla’s latest update yet, then I think it’s time to self-medicate yourself 😉

Perhaps the BIGGEST blockbuster scene of 2018 featuring the rising star, Price Hogan and the one, the ONLY, Collin Simpson is sure to keep your genitals at FULL attention.


That’s right folks, sound the alarm! Many of you have been patiently waiting for Price’s sweet hole to get stuffed and the moment has arrived. You didn’t think we would let this sweet hunk of teen beef go without getting fucked now did you?!

Make sure to go check out the full scene now!

Here are just a few things members are already saying:

Here’s the description to get you prepared if you haven’t seen it yet:

What a great start for fresh and VERY popular face, Price Hogan as he goes head-to-head (pun intended?) with Collin Simpson. Price is a very level headed, mature, 18-year-old young man that is beyond his years with wisdom. He has been using stretching techniques on his tight teen asshole in preparation for Collin. Price knows about Collin’s reputation and understands taking that big, long, HARD, dick in his ass will be no easy task for his first time.

Collin admits Price is hot as fuck and is looking forward to welcoming Price to his first gay fucking. I know this first time experience will be unforgettable for both of these all-American studs. Price is nervous but this teenage first-timer has come prepared. They start making out heavy and don’t look back. Price loves Collin’s big cock and sucks the shit out of it.

Now Price wants to taste some man ass. Collin hops up in doggy style and spreads em’ wide. Price dives in and tongues his hole till Collin’s eyes roll back. That’s enough teasing for now, it’s time for Collin to get fucked. Price strokes Collin’s pink hole in two positions and cums before it’s finally time for Price to feel what it’s like to be fucked by his first big dick.

Collin is a GayHoopla veteran and knows to treat these virgin holes right by first getting them all relaxed and wet by sticking his fat tongue in them. Now that Collin got his taste, he’s ready to feel that tight virgin hole.

Collin slides it in and Price’s eyes jump out of his head with surprise! Boy that’s a big dick! Tough to prepare for Collin…

Price gets fucked on his back then flipped over to doggy where Collin lays down the hammer on that virgin ass until he busts a big load all over Price’s muscle butt. During the post-interview, Price admits that all of these new INTENSE feelings had him feeling pain and pleasure all at the same time. Move slow Price, we don’t want you getting light headed!

Click HERE to check out the scene!

Enjoy this one! After all, you only get one first time 😉

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Ethan Manor, Price Hogan, & Paul Tiller BTS Anal Prepping

Part two of some behind the scenes anal prepping footage with Ethan Manor, Price Hogan, and Paul Tiller. This was in preparation for the recent release of Ethan’s first bottom scene with Paul Tiller the Driller!