Kyle Dean Getting Fucked With Mask By Collin Simpson Is Our Most Popular Scene In Support Email.


Kyle Dean! Please come back for seconds. We want to see that asshole spread wide open again. No mask this time please. Kyle Dean getting fucking by Collin Simpson is our most popular questioned scene in 2016.


Kyle Dean & Collin Simpson looking super ripped before Kyle Dean takes Collin’s monster 9 inch cock.


Kyle Dean’s face as he’s waiting for Collin Simpson’s dick to make it’s first entrance.


Kyle Dean, watches himself taking a big cock. He said,” it felt way better then the dildo he’d been practicing with.


Kyle Dean Asshole CLOSE-UP


Kyle Dean was finally ready to get railed and told Collin Simpson to fuck his ass harder. He obviously wore the mask because he wanted it to be a surprise for everyone but also stay somewhat undercover. Kyle Dean was afraid of what his friends would think of him taking a monster cock. We’re hoping that all went well so he’d now be brave enough to take that snake without the mask. He definitely enjoyed it enough for seconds! So we ask Kyle, please come back for a round 2 and get banged out without that mask. You’re face is way to beautiful to hide. Who should GayHoopla hire to pork Kyle Dean next? The bigger the cock the better… any suggestions?