Nicholas Prat Is Our Newest Fresh Meat.


Nicholas Prat has such a beautiful smile. We’re glad he never stops! See the rest of him inside.






Nicholas Prat isn’t your typical gym rat. He’s super knowledgeable about the entire human body that he may or may not use to his advantage. He’s very good at finding those stimulating spots. Nicholas is full of passion and loves showing it in anything he’s interested in. Not only is he a great lover, but he’s one hell of an athlete. He excelled in soccer and gymnastics growing up and can bend his body in all flexible ways.

  • Pudgester

    I love fresh meat!

  • Pudgester

    Just watched his JO video. That radiant smile completely won me over. Loved watching his balls as he jacked off. Would love to see him again.

  • Huge Damien

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