Ethan Manor, Price Hogan, & Paul Tiller BTS Anal Prepping

Part two of some behind the scenes anal prepping footage with Ethan Manor, Price Hogan, and Paul Tiller. This was in preparation for the recent release of Ethan’s first bottom scene with Paul Tiller the Driller!



Ethan Manor – Price Hogan – Paul Tiller BTS Prepping 101

I know how some of you love your behind the scenes action… Well, this is as good as it gets!

Watch Ethan Manor prep his virgin asshole for Paul Tiller‘s cock! These guys are hilarious! Also don’t forget to watch Ethan’s first time with Paul this Friday, April 13th!


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?To Nude Beginnings!?

“Here’s to NUDE beginnings!!

Isn’t that a great cheers line??? Try it next time around your friends and see if any one picks that up ??

Found this BTS gem of Price Hogan & Paul “The Driller” Tiller on my phone today and knew I had to post it to Instagram. First thing that caught my eye was their genuine expressions. Paul is such a silly, hilarious guy that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not smile when this guy starts goofing around! I can almost put myself back there at this exact moment and I am POSITIVE I too had a big, goofy, grin on my face as well!

What’s better than seeing these young, handsome men letting their guards down and really embracing/enjoying the moment?? Maybe that sneaky/spontaneous booty grab ?

I love seeing smiles on everyone’s faces! I always tell all of the models that of course they are here to “work” but also, I want them to feel like they are on a mini vacation as well! Let loose, get those beautiful smiles shining, and have some FUN!

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Tune in tomorrow for some special HUMP DAY action! ?