Catching Up With Sean Costin & The New Studs Keep Pouring In


I have a special update for you today…

Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE, behind the scenes, interview with one of our favorite guys, Sean Costin!

Could you keep up with Sean?


An update wouldn’t be complete without a little tease now would it??

Here’s a glimpse at one of our NEW GUYS that will be revealed to you so soon!

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Derek Casey , Sean Costin , Alex Griffen , and others up next at GayHoopla.

When I first met Derek Casey, I wasn’t sure what to think. He was quiet but well spoken, interested and intrigued with everything we did as a studio.

Several questions later and feeling much more comfortable, he opened up. When I say opened up, I mean his legs. Derek Casey had one of the hottest jerk off videos I’ve ever filmed. As I was filming, I kept noticing his other hand inching towards his hole. As soon as his fingers entered his ass, the intensity of this video explodes. This was a hot solo !

See Derek Casey in action here. 

OMG! Is that Sean Costin? GayHoopla has really missed seeing this stud in action. This video is actual special because it was part of the very first weekend Alex Griffen came to shoot with us. Originally, Alex Griffen only came out to do a solo and scene. It wasn’t until right before his flight, he informed us that he was actually gay. When we offered him hardcore scenes, we did it with Sean Costin in the room… and it made for the easiest decision ever.

I believe the second picture was just for test photos to get Alex Griffen comfortable in front of the camera. If you look hard enough, you can see how excited he was to get to film with Sean Costin. His smirk only went away as soon as he wrapped his lips around Sean Costin’s cock. Instant classic.


Adam Mackie is back to show off that beautiful hard cock. This time he has himself a nice jerk on his own couch at home.

There’s something really hot about the guys jerking off in their own homes where they’re most comfortable. Adam Mackie puts on another hot show!

Once Lucas Garza got that ass drilled once, he couldn’t get enough. Now he’s all about getting it licked and penetrated. We also gave him a nice doggy bone this time and let him suck off Brady Corbin before getting fucked.

Lucas Garza has liked bottoming so much, he’s told us he can’t jerk off at home anymore without a toy in his ass. “It’s just not the same.” What do you all think? Should we keep slamming Lucas’ ass?

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Collin Simpson & Sean Costin Have Their Way With A Thirsty Twink.


Neal Peterson offered to do this scene for free when he knew he’d be sandwich between Sean Costin & Collin Simpson.

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Zane Penn Has Been Wanting To Hook Up With Sean Costin For The Longest.



Zane Penn had a major crush on the muscle man Sean Costin. He asked us if he could watch a few of his videos before they were actually set to do theirs.

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