Zane Penn Has Been Wanting To Hook Up With Sean Costin For The Longest.



Zane Penn had a major crush on the muscle man Sean Costin. He asked us if he could watch a few of his videos before they were actually set to do theirs.



Zane Penn couldn’t wait to eat Sean Costin’s muscle ass. Zane stuck his tongue down that hole and started twirling it around getting every crease.


Finally, Zane’s dream came true. He stuck his big uncut cock into Sean Costin and had his way with him. He thrusted into that booty very soft and sensually to start… but couldn’t help picking up the pace. Zane’s young hormones were going crazy and ended up pounding Sean into cumming.


Sean definitely was satisfied with that lay. The best part after it ended was Zane couldn’t keep his dick down. He was just so excited about everything. It stayed hard for at least 15 minutes after the shoot. The post interview we broke it to Sean that Zane’s been eyeing him for awhile now. It was really funny to see Zane get all shy and embarrassed when we blew up his spot.


  • Dave

    So, you guys run a half off promotion to lure new members in and provide us with old scenes during this time? Really nice guys.

    • Zombieking

      I guess Zane Penn “begged them to come back” too lol ! like Kyle Dean Aka Nash from Cf who have a new scene 🙂

  • Pudgester

    If it hasn’t been seen, it’s not an old scene. I, for one, would really like to see it. And as far as i know, “Nash” only did one boring scene at CF.

  • Pudgester

    Just finished watching “Nash”‘s new scene. Same uninvolved shtick, new asshole. Just as boring as Zane’s scenes there. He needed GH to blossom.

  • Pudgester

    Nice to see Zane and Sean again. Two of my favorites and they didn’t disappoint. A really good scene.

  • jeremy

    nice that scene & zean did a scene together,only thing i did not like was the rim,it look like zane did not want to rim sean ass,if zene lick that hole then it would of been hot

  • jeremy

    the old scene,i want to see is derek & cole